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Family Health Records Hold Keys to Future Health


Health researchers studying human genetics have found that defects in our genes can cause or influence the likelihood that a person will have coronary artery disease, diabetes, breast or colon cancer, depression, alcoholism, osteoporosis, and many other diseases. 

Knowing your own and your family's medical history can help you focus on the preventive measures you need most and will help your doctor decide on the best screening tests to keep you and your family healthy.  Whether you are a parent, a pet lover, a caregiver, or someone who wants to improve their chances of living a healthier life, you will find a tool you can use right here.  Just open the tool box and find the tools you need!

 a guide to health records software for family health information management on your own PC 
an explanation of online medical records services and the issue of privacy
a sampling of expert advice as to how and why you should keep family health records
suggestions for hard-copy journals where you can record your child's growth, your diet excesses and exercise successes, and Rover's rabies shots
a basic Health Journal Page you can print and copy for each family member
a book  list with titles on how to research your family health tree or use the Internet to improve your understanding of health issues 



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